AfFC supports jabs for Carers

05/03/2021, 13:57
Posted in: Young Adult Carers, Adult Carers, Respite Care, General, Feeling Good, Caring Well, Activity groups

AfFC has been encouraging Carers to register as a Carer with their GP using templates supplied by Carers UK. 

Sara (not her real name) saw our social media post signposting Carers to the Carers UK letters.  Sara has now been back in touch with us, delighted because she had downloaded the letter and taken it to her GP - exactly as we suggested - and then had very quickly been invited for her first vaccination as an unpaid Carer and part of Group 6 in the vaccination rollout.

Sara said she felt "next to nothing" and highly recommends that all Carers follow our suggestions for quick and easy registration, followed by an even quicker and easier vaccination.

The Carers UK letters (versions for post and email) are also on our website front page.

Keep safe, everybody!