Amazing fundraising

21/07/2021, 12:20
Posted in: Young Carers, Adult Carers, General, Fundraising

We are incredibly grateful to this team of intrepid walkers who scaled the Three Peaks recently and together have raised over £5000 for Action For Family Carers.

The Three Peaks involves an incredibly challenging 26-mile walk over 24 hours and we are so impressed that you did it with us in mind. So a big shout out and massive thank you to Yazz, James, Steve, Granny Ros, Tilly, Martha, Lou, Dan, Tams, Rhyd, Donna, Mark, Susanna, Lyndsey, Mitch, Bill and Joolsie!

You can still contribute to the fundraising by clicking on the link below knowing that every penny raised will be received by the charity

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