Carer and Family Response Service update

13/05/2021, 11:28
Posted in: Adult Carers, General

Louise Barker resized.jpg Louise has been in post for five months now and is settling in well. This is her update on her work so far and really gives a feeling for her commitment and energy:

Due to Covid-19, support has so far been mainly over the phone. I’ve supported Carers by helping them to find out what support there is from social care, other agencies, the health service and locally. I’ve liaised with social workers, mental health services and other agencies on their behalf. Carers are still hesitant about having support come into their homes due to Covid-19 but we have been able to talk through their options and the benefits so the Carer can make a decision that they are comfortable with. I can look up options online for those that haven’t got internet access. 

I’ve been keeping in touch with Carers and their families on a regular basis due to lockdown and will stay in touch for as long as they need me to, but building on support from the community as things begin to open up. I’ve helped to organise emergency respite for Carers who have been in desperate need of a break and advised about which Day Care centres have been opening up. I’ve helped with some form filling over the phone and referred into other AfFC support, for example, Feeling Good Caring Well and Counselling. I have generally been an understanding ear to Carers that have needed to talk through their situation and had no one else to turn to. I always leave the Carer with my contact details so they can come back to me if needed. 

I'm looking forward to being able to meet people face-to-face in the coming weeks and months as the world opens up. It is so very rewarding when you hear that you have made a difference and that people really appreciate having someone there for them when they are struggling.