Carers reflect on support during lockdown

04/06/2020, 14:21
Posted in: Adult Carers, General, Feeling Good, Caring Well

Action for Family Carers has transferred its events for Carers online and by phone with the Feeling Good, Caring Well project.

“I have greatly enjoyed the zoom experience” said Carer, Jayne “and look forward to 2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for lovely meditation and relaxation techniques. I have set aside this time as my time, and feel so much more in control and positive because of it”.

Liz Sharpe is one of our qualified and friendly professionals. “I have really enjoyed meeting so many Carers online, running sessions around making lockdown a bit easier – feelings of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and frustration are common to everyone, but life has been harder for Carers, particularly if you are now shielding.”

There is a lighter side to using the online technology, as Liz reflects, “Dogs and kids have joined us, deliveries have turned up – but it’s all ok, sitting with a coffee in my own lounge and meeting people sat in their lounge! It's very relaxed and easy going. You don’t have to speak if you don’t want".

Jayne added, “I would encourage more Carers to set aside time for these excellent zoom sessions. They are so easy to navigate”.

Our professionals and the AfFC Team are here to help. As Liz says “I have been working with people online since before lockdown as part of my therapy practice. I am happy to talk you through how to set it up or have a practice with you before the session".

Marie cares for her husband in Benfleet. “For me being a Carer in lockdown is permanently walking on egg shells." She has attended all the different online sessions “to be able to access the services, for me has been invaluable. To know professionals are out there to help me is like having a friend by my side. It was odd at first using zoom but it’s been very successful and to be able to see the specialist taking the sessions is a bonus".

Jayne commented, “You just register, click on the email link and you are connected to the waiting room for the session to start".

Offering Wellbeing Check-ins, Learn to Meditate, one-to-one emotional support by phone and more, the Feeling Good, Caring Well project can support your wellbeing. Find us on or call us on 0300 770 80 90.