Chelmsford Family Support update

11/03/2021, 16:58
Posted in: Adult Carers, General

Louise, our Family Support Worker in Chelmsford, has been really enjoying her first few weeks in the job. She is working with Carers and their families, a new approach which means that we are helping families to make decisions and find solutions to their issues by working together.

For example, Louise has been working with one Carer whose wife has dementia. By speaking to one or both of them depending on the need at the time, Louise has found that she has been able to give the Carer some much needed time to himself and is now recognised by the wife, helping to make her feel at ease when discussing options, e.g. lunch club, for when lockdown ends.

Louise has also been able to help a number of people with form-filling and referred others to our counselling, Feeling Good Caring Well and Essex Befriends projects. She has spoken with Carers about their options when dealing with social care and getting other agencies involved – an aspect of her work that is giving much relief to some people.

Louise is passionate about helping families. Whilst the majority of her work is currently over the phone, she is looking forward to that time when the easing of government restrictions means she can go out and meet Carers and their families face-to-face.

If you live in Chelmsford District and would like to find out more about this whole family support service, please call us on 0300 770 8090 or email for details.