Emerging from lockdown

09/03/2021, 15:36
Posted in: Young Adult Carers, Adult Carers, General, Feeling Good, Caring Well

Our qualified and experienced professional, Liz, shares some advice for Family Carers as the lockdown, hopefully, ends. She will continue to run the online weekly Wellbeing Check-in for the Feeling Good, Caring Well project.

"There is a real sense of excitement in the air as kids return back to school and businesses make plans for reopening. However, you will not be alone if you are feeling apprehensive, nervous or worried. These are normal emotions as we enter into another period of change.

1 - If you were able to go out for walks, then continue! Walking and fresh air does wonders for reducing stress levels and helping us feel grounded.

2 - If you have felt relieved at not doing the supermarket shop, then continue to have it delivered. Continuing to do things which save you time, energy or thinking is important as you have a lot to think about, as a family carer.

3 - Been glad not to have to see Joe Bloggs or go to that place during lockdown? Then don't feel you have to restart just because it is now becoming possible!

4 - If you are worried that people are taking too many risks, then control what YOU can control. You can't change how people respond to coming out of lockdown. But you can continue to live life in a way which makes you feel safe.

5 - Take some time every day to notice how the season is changing into spring with budding trees and flowers. This type of grounding exercise is powerful in reminding you that the world will continue to revolve just as it always has, and may help you to feel settled and calmer.

6 - If you are noticing feelings of overwhelm and stress, jump on a session with family carers. Talking through things with other carers can help you feel balanced. If you are struggling with your emotions, then also chat to your GP. Don't struggle on your own as people will want to help.

7 - Put something nice / fun / interesting in the diary every week. Have some time that is just for you.

8 - Take control of how you would like things to be and how you WANT to spend your time as we slowly come out of lockdown. Just because everyone is rushing around and making big plans, it doesn't mean you have to do the same.

9 - Find something to laugh about every day. Pull up some old comedy on youtube!

10 - Every time you see a mirror, smile at yourself or give yourself a High Five for doing so well. This has been a long year and you have been amazing.

I'm talking to Carers every Tuesday at 2pm 'til 3pm on zoom."

To book a place, visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/.../wellbeing-check-in...

Or via phone or email: 0300 770 80 90 / care@affc.org.uk