Essex Befriends helps in many ways

29/11/2021, 17:09
Posted in: Adult Carers, General

Kevin (name changed) was referred to Essex Befriends by Community 360. He is also under mental health services and has a significant caring role, looking after his partner and stepchildren - one is also in residential care.

Kevin receives regular calls from our Befriending Team and takes part in local get-togethers such as at a local Games Café.

Through the befriending contact, we learned that Kevin struggles using IT and a major problem was not having a printer. He said he has to complete many forms in his role as a Carer and not being able to scan or print makes this very difficult. Because of his mobility issues it is difficult for him to go to a library to print forms.

We used a grant to purchase a printer for Kevin. He told us he is very grateful and said:

"I struggle to get out these days while I wait for my hip replacements so being able to print and scan at home saves me numerous trips out. Additionally, with the world getting more computerised every day, I have been left far behind and this will give me a better chance of keeping up with it all.’’