Experience of a Working Carer

04/06/2020, 10:47
Posted in: Adult Carers, General

Hazel is employed full-time and is also a carer for her elderly mother, Hilda, who lives with her. Before the restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, Hazel had a nice routine for her mum, where she would attend daily lunch clubs and centres, meet friends and have a good meal whilst there.

However, since the pandemic, Hilda is no longer able to go to her clubs. This means that she has no outside contacts and no longer has a midday meal provided. Hazel is working mostly from home and finds that in addition to her job, she also has to fit around her mum’s schedule which can mean a lot of juggling and planning. Hazel’s working day is punctuated by having to take her mum out for a daily walk and provide meals at regular times as well as respond to her if she needs help.

The key has been finding a new routine that works for both of them. Hazel manages because:

·        She has an understanding employer who recognises that she is a carer.

·        Hazel can take her mum for a daily walk around a nearby graveyard which is well laid out and has plenty of benches for when Hilda becomes tired.

·        She has been able to obtain a video carephone for Hilda, which will enable her to have remote contact with her grandchild and great grandchildren.

Hazel has phoned AfFC for advice a couple of times and said that it has really helped her to know that there is someone there for her just a phone call away.