Experience of a Young Carer

04/06/2020, 11:02
Posted in: Young Carers, General

Kane is a Young Carer from Harlow who was a regular member at our Young Carers club and was also supported in school by our School Liaison Worker.

At Young Carer club, Kane was one of the quieter members, but also one of the steadiest and kindest. He enjoyed being at the club, simply absorbing the atmosphere and knowing he was amongst people who understood him and had similar responsibilities.

During the Coronavirus lockdown and restrictions, Young Carers like Kane have continued to care at home; looking after parents or siblings and cleaning, cooking, etc., but without the regular understanding and support from club nights and school visits that helped them so much. They have additional worries about the health of the person they care for and this can cause anxiety every time they go out, scared they might become a Covid-19 carrier.

Kane doesn’t enjoy online meetings as he can’t sit quietly and absorb the atmosphere, so he has developed his own way of coping and escaping from his worries and anxieties. Kane’s way is with his photography. He notices the tiniest things and captures them for his Facebook page. This picture, taken by Kane, of a spider carrying its egg sac shows just how observant he has become.

Action for Family Carers continues to care about Young Carers across Essex. We are always just a telephone call away (0300 770 80 90) and if any Young Carer or their parent wants to speak to a member of our Young Carer Team we will be delighted to speak with them.