Experience of an Adult Carer

04/06/2020, 17:44
Posted in: Adult Carers, General

Linda was struggling to cope with her mother’s dementia. She had no real support and trying to deal with forms and phone calls was affecting her own health. A friend suggested that she should ask her GP about getting some counselling.

The GP recalled a visit from an AfFC GP Liaison Support Officer and explained that AfFC supported carers like Linda and one of their services was counselling.

When Linda called she spoke to Paul who coordinates the waiting lists for counselling. He explained how the service worked and Linda was amazed that the service was completely free of charge.

Paul arranged Linda’s sessions, she started her counselling and felt at last that she was able to unburden herself. Unfortunately Covid-19 came about and counselling had to be suspended. Paul worked hard to look at ways to keep the service going and after consulting with counsellors and Carers, counselling started again using Zoom.

Linda was so relieved that the service was available again, especially as it helped her to understand the situation she was in and how to start to address her anxiety. Without this “lifeline”. Linda does not like to think where her life was heading.

“Counselling has given me a chance to look to the future again”, Linda said and she is thankful for all the support that AfFC has given her.