Feeling Good Caring Well Brentwood Walk

28/10/2021, 08:28
Posted in: Adult Carers, General, Feeling Good, Caring Well

Our Carers who joined this month's walk from Merrymeade Tearooms in Brentwood enjoyed the changing colours of autumn as we ventured to the tranquil Butterfly Meadow again. It was lovely to hear everyone chatting, laughing and supporting each other.

One of our regular walkers said, "Huge benefit to have “time out”, recharge batteries and go back to all the necessary requirements of being a Carer. A resource that should be valued and continued!"

Our next Brentwood walk will be on Wednesday, 24th November at 10.30am. To join us for some greenspace revitalising please book your free place - details below. Light refreshments are always provided free of charge at the end of our walks in the sanctuary of Merrymeade Tea Rooms.

To find out more and book, visit the link below. Or you can book by phone: 0300 7708090 or email: care@affc.org.uk