I Hate Acronyms

23/04/2019, 13:51
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Acronyms are the bane of our modern life.  They can give entirely the wrong impression if they are not expanded correctly on first use in a document or presentation.

As a new school governor, I thought the board were a jolly bunch as they kept referring to “G&T’s” which I interpreted as “Gin & Tonics” but were actually “Gifted & Talented Children”.  When I came across the acronym “R&R” I naturally thought they were talking about “Rest & Recreation” when instead they meant “Recruitment & Retention”.  There was also the feeling that the professionals were ring-fencing themselves against us mere amateurs knowing too much!

Even when searching with Google for explanation of an unknown acronym, I find that there may well be 30+ possible expansions some of which are quite amusing but totally irrelevant.

Since becoming involved in the field of Carer Support, Health and Social Welfare, I have been collecting the acronyms which are commonly used in these fields.  They now amount to close on 2,000!  The whole printout runs to over 40 pages so I have recently loaded them to a database on The East of England Citizen’s Senate website which can be accessed below:




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