Keeping people and Carers connected

20/08/2020, 11:45
Posted in: Adult Carers, Respite Care, General

Whilst working hard towards opening our Day Centres as soon as is safely possible, we are ensuring that our Carers and the people they care for stay connected and continue to enjoy (albeit limited) socialisation. People who attend the Day Centres may feel low as they miss the interaction with their friends there.

For example:

We took two gentlemen for a walk to the park and both said how it had made their day to see and chat with one another after all this time of being in lockdown and how it had lifted their spirits.

We held a social visit with two ladies in the garden. They both said what a difference it had made to their day to have someone visit and be able to have a social connection as well as feel valued and not forgotten. Both ladies did a short walk to the garden and said how nice it was to enjoy the outside space.

carers connected resized.jpg