Making Young Carers visible

08/06/2020, 12:46
Posted in: Young Carers, General

Today marks the start of Carers Week and this year's theme is 'Making Carers Visible'.

Our Young Carers have been busy getting crafty with our AFFC activity packs. The younger age group had crafty materials and the older ones had T-shirts to decorate.

The photo shows just one of the many entries in our competition, the winner will be announced later this week.

Any Young Carers who would like to receive an activity pack in the future can request one by emailing


Some of the feedback we have already received from parents and carers:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful craft package that my daughter received, she is really enjoying making some lovely things including a necklace and colourful parrot, I have attached some pictures below. T - - - - is autistic and craft is not a strong point of hers due to motor coordination issues but she has tried really hard! I hope you enjoy her creations."

"My twins, aged ten, were so excited to get mail addressed to themselves.  They ripped  it open and set to creativity the same day.  I did not even get to see the letter – only just found it!  How exciting to see them passionately occupied by this project.  Thank you so very much."

"My son has created his own Roblox characters and my daughter has created some pattern work.  They love wearing their work."

"My son decorated  a t-shirt. He absolutely loved creating it and wants to wear it all the time especially when he goes on holiday in the 6 weeks school holidays. My son is my eldest young carer and it took his mind off looking after me."

"My daughter's two creations she is very very proud of as she doesn’t do much as she always tells me she is rubbish at this sort of thing and it’s horrible etc . She very selfconscious, bless her anyway, she is very proud"

"Many thanks for sending it to her she was soo happy she misses being at the centre.
Thank you again."