Maldon Young Carers petting zoo visit

21/01/2020, 12:11
Posted in: Young Carers, General

26 Young Carers attended the club night for the Rocky's Animals petting zoo visit and all of them absolutely loved it. They were able to feed the goat, sheep (who kept escaping) the guinea pig and the rabbit.

One Young Carer balanced the chicken on his arm was so in awe of the chicken he would not get out of the pen. He asked his mum if she would get them a chicken!

When the children arrived at Young Carer Club they were all over-excited and running around, but after petting the animals and holding the spider, rabbit, guinea pig, etc. the whole mood changed – they were eating their home made pizza, and they were all very chilled. It was a fantastic night.

With grateful thanks to Carers Trust who funded this "Young Carers Getting Together" evening for us.

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