New Carer and Family Response Service

25/01/2021, 17:40
Posted in: Young Carers, Young Adult Carers, Adult Carers, Respite Care, General, Feeling Good, Caring Well

Introducing Louise Barker, the Lead for our new Carer and Family Response Service for Chelmsford and the surrounding areas.

Louise will work with Carers and their families giving independent and responsive support. She will work with the whole household, not just the Carer or the cared-for, and aim for solutions and support with issues which involve the entire family. The Carer and Family Response Service will fill the gaps created by targeted work.

Louise has a wide range of experience, with a recent background in working with families who have a dementia diagnosis. She has also worked in customer service and with victim support organisations.

The Carer and Family Response Service has been launched as a result of grant funding from the William and Gladys Pudney Memorial Fund, administered by Essex Community Foundation.

For more information, please contact Louise Barker on or call her on 0300 770 8090.