New Work Challenge

07/07/2020, 12:52
Posted in: Adult Carers, General

Action for Family Carers was previously awarded funding to run an employment project for unpaid Carers. Carers told us that there is still a need for such a project so we are pleased to announce another project is now available.  

The “New Work Challenge” will support unpaid Carers and former Carers over the age of 50 to access employment opportunities.

The programme aims to help Carers build confidence and resilience, improve health and wellbeing and secure a new future by starting on a journey towards rewarding and sustainable employment.

Carers will work one-to-one with Paul, our Carer Employment Lead. Paul will work with them on any barriers that prevent them moving forward. These may be unrelated to actual employment and could be social care or benefit system challenges, or emotional or wellbeing issues.

Paul and the Carer also work together to develop an action plan and this might involve education, training or volunteering before looking for employment. It may include updating a CV or seeking funding for courses, etc.

Whatever is needed, Paul will aim to achieve the best outcome for every individual he works with. For more information contact Paul on 0300 770 80 90,  call him directly on 07511 900154 or email