Rocky's petting zoo visits Harlow Young Carers

12/07/2022, 20:02
Posted in: Young Carers, General

Rocky's petting zoo visited Harlow Young Carers club. The Young Carers had a fantastic time, learning about the animals and being able to hold and pet them - even snakes! It was wonderful to see the young people mixing with the animals and appreciating their ways, including the swimming hedgehog.

Rocky’s Animals provided an interactive hour of educational, therapeutic fun for Harlow Young Carers alongside key facts. They took part in one-on-one handling which made all the children feel special and able to enjoy all the animals together.

Rocky’s Animals also do feeding of the ducks, bunnies, sheep and goat, and guinea pigs with their full farm, this is a fantastic opportunity that works so well with all ages.

Our Young Carers were able to pet all the animals as shown in the pictures and the Rocky’s member of staff, Marcus. was brilliant with the Young Carers and very knowledgeable, answering all of their questions in an entertaining and informative way.

The Young Carers absolutely loved the experience and we even managed to capture a mum enjoying it too!

Rocky's Animals

Rocky Harlow 12.jpg Rocky Harlow 11.jpg Rocky Harlow 10.jpg Rocky Harlow 9.jpg Rocky Harlow 8.jpg Rocky Harlow 6.jpg Rocky Harlow 5.jpg Rocky Harlow 4.jpg Rocky Harlow 3.jpg Rocky Harlow 2.jpg Rocky Harlow 1.jpg