Skydive for AfFC

05/10/2020, 11:07
Posted in: Young Carers, Young Adult Carers, General, Fundraising

2Oct20.jpgThank you so much to Mrs S Cosham and Sophie for supporting us with such a fantastic activity. Mrs Cosham tells about the experience:

On Sunday, 20th September my 16 year old daughter Sophie and I finally headed to Beccles, Suffolk to complete our tandem skydive that had been booked at the start of the year before the real impact of Covid 19 was known.

We had a beautiful day, the blue sky was clear and we had the best views possible. After a quick briefing, cross your arms, head back, bend like a banana and lift your legs for landing, we were strapped to our instructor and very quickly found ourselves in the back of a small plane wearing the obligatory face masks and ascending to over 10,000 feet. Before there was time to reconsider we were out of the plane and free-falling towards the ground. The views of the coast and countryside were breath-taking, or maybe that was the wind! Before we knew it the canopy had been deployed and we glided back down to earth.

This has been something we have always wanted to do but the main reason for doing it now was to raise money for Action for Family Carers, a local charity whose work in supporting families and their carers has continued all through lockdown. As part of the Pastoral team at The Stanway School, I have seen first hand the difference they make to students and their families. I wanted to help them continue their excellent work and so far we have raised over £400. It is not too late to donate, please visit the link:

Thank you.
Mrs S Cosham, Assistant Head of Year 8, Stanway School