Supporting to Success

11/03/2021, 13:50
Posted in: Young Carers, General

Paul (name changed) is 14 and was really struggling with online learning at home. His school had loaned him a very old and very slow laptop which frustrated him no end. We were able to access a grant to provide him with a brand new laptop of his own which helped Paul regain his enthusiasm to properly engage with his school work.

However, his home life meant it was almost impossible for him to concentrate on his school work; his sister with special needs was unable to attend her normal school or access her respite and the house was constantly chaotic and noisy.

Paul found he couldn’t block out his caring role and focus on school work. He became angry and aggressive due to his frustrations, the school and his mum were “always on his case” and he was feeling lonely and alone. Things became more difficult for him as he became increasingly anxious about getting behind at school and he became even more disengaged. He only came out of his bedroom to get food.

Clearly more was needed than just a new laptop. With his permission, our Young Carer support worker discussed his situation with the school. We shared Carers Trust information about the impact of Coronavirus on Young Carers and as a result the school agreed to implement a reduced timetable. We are now working with Paul and his school to plan a reintegration timetable for his return.

Paul told us he is so grateful for our help; he is much calmer and happier and can now see a way forward with the return to his education and is again able to consider a future for himself.