Witham Young Carers and Gemma's Petting Farm

04/08/2021, 10:14
Posted in: Young Carers, General

gemma-s-farm-logo.png Gemmas petting Farm came to visit us at Parkside Youth Centre on the 22nd July. The Young Carers enjoyed feeding and cuddling the different animals while learning lots of facts about them. One or two of the Young Carers were really nervous at the start but by the end of the session they were grooming them and getting fully involved in their care. They all really enjoyed it!

Farm pic 1 resized.jpgFarm pic 3 resized.jpgFarm pic 4 resized.jpgFarm pic 5 resized.jpgFarm pic 6 resized.jpgFarm pic 7 resized.jpgFarm pic 8 resized.jpg