Young Carers celebrate Valentine's Day

18/02/2021, 09:41
Posted in: Young Carers, General

As a Valentine's Day theme, Young Carers made paper plate Valentine hats. We also encouraged them to write a poem about any or all people they love, not just romantic relationships. 

We followed this by asking each Young Carer to tell us something they were grateful for or loved, thereby emphasising the positives around them at this difficult time. They all come up with good answers such as family, pets, etc.

As a result of this session, two male Young Carers made friends and with their parents' permission, they swopped XBox details to enable them to play together. This will help them both to stay connected during the current lockdown arrangements.

Parent’s quotes received following the session:

"Thank you for these sessions, my son struggles socially so it’s lovely to see him enjoying being part of this group."

"My daughter enjoys this so much it really makes her day."