Young Carers trip to Manna's Ark Farm

04/11/2019, 20:55
Posted in: Young Carers, General

Our Young Carers’ trip to Manna’s Ark farm was amazing. The Young Carers were able to feed and groom the farm animals, as well as being able to hold the rabbit and guinea pig. Some of the Young Carers helped collect eggs from the chickens, and they were all able to take a fresh egg home with them. 

Tesco donated 30 pumpkins, so the owners of the farm helped us to hide the pumpkins in the fields. The Young Carers had to find the pumpkin with their name on. The owners, Sairha and Davina, were brilliant, enthusiastic and nothing was a problem. They said that we had ‘made something special these children will remember for the rest of their lives‘. They really wanted to make the day special for everyone. 

One Young Carer was asked what he would change about the day. He said that he would not change a thing. Another said that it was the best day ever. And another said that he did not want to go home and he wished that he could live there. He said that he wants to work with animals when he is older. 

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