Covid-19 vaccinations for Carers

Updated 11 March 2021

Further guidance has been released outlining how unpaid Carers are going to be identified and invited to receive the vaccine as part of Priority group 6.

If a Carer is already registered at their GP practice as a Carer, or receives Carers Allowance or is known to their local authority as a Carer then they will be invited for a vaccine.

Group 6 is for adults aged 16 to 65 who are in an at-risk group - and Carers who receive Carers Allowance or are somebody's main Carer are included in this. You will need to ensure your GP practice knows you are a Carer by registering with them. You should not assume you're registered because the practice knows you care for someone; you need to formally register using the practice's registration form or process.

If you're an unpaid Carer who hasn't registered in any of these ways then you are invited to register with us directly here at AfFC. You can call us on 0300 770 8090, email or live chat with us at

So our message is clear – identify yourself as a Carer – with your GP or the local authority or with us and this will help you to receive the invitation to book a vaccination.

Further information is available by clicking this link to the Covid-19 vaccine deployment programme: unpaid carers (JCVI priority cohort 6).

Worth knowing - if the person you care for has fluctuating capacity, you have the right to ask to be present during the vaccination process.

Carers UK has provided the following guidance and downloads for registering as an unpaid Carer with your GP:

A number of GP surgeries have a simple form on their website to help you register as a Carer, but we have heard that this is not always the case.

It is more important than ever to be identified as an unpaid Carer to ensure that you are correctly prioritised in group 6 for the coronavirus vaccine. Below are some helpful letter templates to help you register with your GP, please click on the relevant link below to download the template that you require.

Please note, these templates refer to legislation in England, but can be adapted for use across the UK. 

Template letter to register with your GP (email version)

Click here to download Word document

Click here to download PDF document

Template letter to register with your GP (print and post version)

Click here to download Word document

Click here to download PDF document


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