Young Carers Art Project

Young Carers are enthusiastically embracing a social action project concentrating on recycling and bringing out their creative side. 

We are fast approaching ‘Young Carers Awareness Day’ on 16th March. Young Carers loved the idea of incorporating this with an Art Project which involves bringing out their creative side to make something from recycled products. This will help reduce waste; something that is vitally important for ‘Protecting Young Carers Futures’, and is the theme for this year’s Awareness Day. 

We recently asked Young Carers what they missed most during lockdown and they said ‘connecting with others’ but they also said they now 'appreciate the outdoors more and nature’. To include both within this project they all agreed it would be nice to make different gifts to give away (with parents' permissions and when restrictions are lifted) to those who struggle to go outside - such as grandparents, neighbours or gift to a care home. One idea they came up with was a bird feeder (made from a washing-up liquid bottle) and another a bird bath (made from a milk bottle) which would bring the outdoors to them.  

Zoom_meeting_craft_Fotor_Fotor.jpgZoom Capture_Fotor.jpg

Young Carers are meeting up on Zoom to talk about their recycling work and enjoy doing the project 'together'.

We have recorded videos from a local artist, Nicky Gayle, (see below) and sent out art packs for Young Carers to use alongside the videos. Young Carers are still busily collecting recycled bottles to use as part of the project.


Poppy Jones bottle resized.jpgPoppy Jones bottle 2 resized.jpgmilk bottle bird bath.jpgRuby gray photos resized.jpgRuby Gray resized.jpgScreenshot_20210315-111925_Gallery resized_Fotor.jpgScreenshot_20210315-111918_Gallery resized_Fotor.jpgRickys plastic Flower pot resized_Fotor.jpgFairy bottle feeders (no name to be shared) resized_Fotor.jpgBobbys bird bath resized_Fotor.jpgChloes bird feeder (no face) resized_Fotor.jpg20210315_105004_Fotor.jpg20210314_184958 resized_Fotor.jpg