Adult Carers

A Carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour, who could not manage without their help. This could be due to age, physical or mental illness, addiction or disability.Please see our Information Guides below.



Adult Carers

We offer a variety of support for Adult Carers around the county.

Our staff are available throughout the working day to take your call. We are happy to support you in many ways, including explaining our range of projects and activities taking place, helping you work out what you may need to support your caring and who you could talk to for specialist information. We are also happy to simply be a listening ear when that is helpful to you.

We are an affiliate member of CarersUK and recommend you join their chat forum if you would like to make online friends and chat with other Carers.

CarersUK logo.jpg CarersUK Chat Forum

We offer

Our Services


We offer a free, confidential counselling service, Adult Carers can receive individual counselling sessions.
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Our befriending options offer a listening ear and can provide understanding and companionship.
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Feeling Good, Caring Well

Our Carer wellbeing service
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Working Carers

A working Carer is someone in full or part-time employment, who also provides unpaid support.
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GP Liaison Service

GP Liaison Support Service, Mid Essex
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Carer and Family Response Service

Independent Carer and Family Response Service, Chelmsford District.
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Action for Family Carers Information Guides 


Not a care in the world.jpg

Our friends at 'Not a Care in the World' have produced an amazing resource for Carers, called "Breaking Through a New You". It has stories and information which support Carers' wellbeing as we emerge from the pandemic. The content includes the vitally important 'Four Cs of Caring' - care of self, communication, creativity and confidence.

It's a FREE download and you can get it from their website here.

Once you sign up, you can gain access to a couple of guided meditations too.

Also of interest, a recent lockdown blog post with tips to emerge from lockdown smiling.