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Taking a break from your caring responsibilities and having something to look forward to is crucial. Our Time 4 You grants are designed to enable you take a well-deserved break from the pressures of caring and have a positive impact on your wellbeing. Whether it’s a day out or a short getaway, these grants aim to provide you with the opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate.

In partnership with Essex Carers Support we’re offering Time 4 You grants of up to £500 for Adult Carers (18+) living in West Essex (Epping, Harlow and Uttlesford districts) and Northeast Essex (Colchester & Tendring districts).

Who is eligible?

Adult Carers (18+) living in West Essex (Epping, Harlow and Uttlesford districts) and Northeast Essex (Colchester & Tendring districts).

Action for family carers

How can I access a grant?

You need to be registered with us as a Carer. Simply register with us by making a self-referral.

One of our Carer Support Workers will get in touch to find out a bit more about your individual circumstances and why a grant might be helpful. In this conversation, we’ll also talk to you about other ways you might be able to get more time for yourself and other support you might need in your caring role more generally.

We will talk about what might be a good use for the grant, focusing on your interests and hobbies and thinking about what might help improve your wellbeing.

Once you have decided what you want to spend the grant on and we have agreed the amount, you simply need to buy the item or service. Once you have returned the proof of purchase or receipt, we will reimburse you.  

You will also be asked to share with us the positive impact that the Time 4 You break has had on your wellbeing.

What can I use a grant for?

Time 4 You grants of up to £500 are designed to enable you to get a break and do something of your own choosing, aligned to your interests, hobbies and aspirations.

Hobbies and activities

Is there a hobby or activity you have given up or stopped doing regularly? Some carers have purchased art equipment or classes, bought new fishing tackle or got their old sewing machine repaired. Others have started back at the gym or reignited their love of dance classes.  We know that getting out into the garden can make us feel better. Do you need plants, gardening equipment or seating to create a relaxing space in the garden?

Relaxation and personal care

What might help you take time away from your caring role to focus on your own mental wellbeing? Would a Spa Day or trip to the hairdressers make all the difference?

Physical space

We know it can be a struggle to relax especially if you don’t have the space. In the past, some of our carers have created personal relaxation space within their home or garden to use as a personal ‘escape’.


Others have used grants to have a hotel break, day out or travelled to visit relatives.     

Dining & entertainment

You might find that the chance to relax with friends over food provides a great break. Often this can be combined with another activity or a walk in the fresh air etc. Some carers have used grants to ‘escape’ into the arts by booking theatre tickets or attending a concert.

These are just examples… the choice is yours; we are very open to new ideas. The more creative and effective the better!

Although Time 4 You grants are focused on helping you get a break from the pressures of your caring role, that doesn’t always have to mean a break from the person you care for. Lots of Time 4 You breaks are taken together so that you both have something to look forward to and talk about afterwards.


What can’t they be used for?

Grants cannot be spent on:

  • Goods or services that have already been arranged, paid for or received.
  • Subsidising income or debt repayments.
  • Procuring goods or services from a family member or friend, in particular those who live with the carer or cared-for person

To directly employ a person or persons.

What other services to you offer?

Action for Family, in partnership with Essex Carers Support, has been commissioned by Essex County Council to deliver support for Adult Carers in West and Northeast Essex.  We have a range of other support for Adult Carers around the county. Find out what else we offer here.