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Parent Carers provide care to their children (this includes grown up children) who cannot manage without help; the help they need from their parents will be greater than would normally be expected for the age of the child; this could be due to illness, disability, mental health or substance misuse issues.

Parent Carers supporting children under 18 years are entitled to a carer’s assessment to find out what help they need and how these needs can be met. This should mean support and help for you as a Carer, and recognition of your role in your child’s life.

The assessment will consider all the help that not only your child needs, but also consider the needs of any other children within the family and any additional help you may need to care for your child.

In most cases, you will not need to have a separate Carer’s assessment if you and your family have had a care needs assessment. However, if you are a Parent Carer of a child under 18, you do have the right to a separate carer’s assessment of your own if the assessment for the child under the Children Act does not fully meet all your needs.

Parent Carers

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