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Welcome to our community of support for adult unpaid family carers. We are working in partnership with Essex Carers Support to provide a range of Carer Support Groups across West (Epping, Harlow and Uttlesford districts) and Northeast Essex (Colchester & Tendring districts).

Caring can be rewarding, but it also comes with its unique challenges. Our Carer Support Groups provide a safe and understanding space you can connect with other carers, share experiences, and find support from others who truly understand what they’re going through.

What are Carer Support Groups?

Carer Support Groups are gatherings of individuals who share a common experience or circumstance. In the case of adult unpaid family carers, these groups bring together those who are caring for a family member to offer emotional support and practical advice.

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What are the benefits of joining a Carer Support Groups?

Emotional Support: We know that caring can be emotionally taxing. Our support groups offer a safe environment where you can express your feelings, fears, and frustrations without judgment.

Practical Advice and Information Sharing: Fellow carers often have invaluable tips and strategies for managing daily challenges associated with caring. Whether it’s navigating the healthcare system or finding respite care, our groups offer practical advice based on real-life experiences.

Social Connection: Caring for a loved one can sometimes lead to social isolation. Our support groups provide an opportunity to connect with others who understand your situation.

What should I expect?

Our Carer Support Groups typically meet regularly either in person. Meetings might sometimes involve guest speakers, or themed topics based on the needs and interests of the group members. Or we might just get together for a chat and a cuppa. Some of our groups meet online and a few meet outside and take a walk.

How can I join?

Joining a Carer Support Groups is easy. Simply register with us by making a self-referral. We’ll connect you with your local group.

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What other services to you offer?

Action for Family, in partnership with Essex Carers Support, has been commissioned by Essex County Council to deliver support for Adult Carers in West and Northeast Essex. We have a range of other support for Adult Carers around the county. Find out what else we offer here. We also provide support for Young Carers.