GP Liaison Service

GP Liaison Support Service, Mid Essex

Funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group, our GP Liaison Support Officer for Mid-Essex is Sue Wright.

Sue’s role is to support GP practices to develop their processes and systems to:

  • Identify Carers
  • Enable the GP practices to signpost Carers for support and access suitable services
  • Identify with GP’s how they can proactively support Carers with managing their healthcare needs

Sue also makes sure that GP practices are provided with the information which encourages Carers to self-identify and self-refer to Action for Family Carers.

Sue attends most of Mid Essex GP Multi-disciplinary team meetings in order to identify and raise the profile of unpaid Carers so they can access early support. In addition, Sue has offered Carer awareness training to each practice.

By using the NHS Quality Markers for Carers, each Mid Essex GP practice is encouraged to complete a self assessment to identify what they are doing well and identify of how they can make adjustments to improve Carer support within their practice.

Sue is passionate about helping GP practices to support unpaid Carers and with her background, is extremely well placed to achieve this. Sue is a qualified nurse with experience in both adult and paediatric nursing in acute, primary care, community and the private sector. In addition she has experience in Safeguarding Children so in keen to support GP practices identify Young Carers.

Sue has personal experience of being an unpaid family Carer, taking on the responsibility of providing care for her father in the late stages of his life.

The contact details for Sue are:


Mobile: 07497 030317

Telephone, 0300 770 80 90.