Young Carers

Young Carers are children as young as five years old, and any young person aged under 18, whose life is restricted in some way because they look after someone else on a regular basis.

There are approximately 10,000 Young Carers in Essex and 700,000 across the UK . They may be the main Carer, or provide partial care for their mother, father, brother, sister or other family member due to mental or physical illness, old age or disability.

The person being cared for may have a long-term illness, a physical or sensory impairment, learning difficulties, mental illness or be affected by alcohol/substance misuse.


Young Carer Clubs

Our Young Carer Club nights run on weekday evenings at youth centres in Colchester, Maldon, Harlow, Loughton, Stansted, Dunmow and Witham.



Young Carer School Service

Includes one-to-one support sessions in school giving Young Carers the chance to talk in confidence to somebody who understands.


Young Adult Carers

The term Young Adult Carer applies to anyone between 16 and 25 whose life is in some way restricted because of the need to take responsibility for the care of a person on a regular basis.

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Looking after yourself as a Young Carer

Being a  Young Carer can be worrying.

We have some short films that will help you to understand how you can cope with anxiety, worry, anger and deal with the unknown.

Watch the films when it suits you.  It would be great to hear what you think of them, and if the films help, by contacting us on


Young Carers Art Project

See project updates page for ongoing progress.

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Ideas for getting crafty!

We know that you all enjoy getting crafty so these films will give you some crafty tips and get inspired!

Please take a photo of your work and email to us if you are happy for us to share your work on our social media.

Have fun


Kane’s super power!

Kane is a Young Carer who is also living with an eye condition called nystagmus. This means that Kane’s eyes dance about which affects the way he sees things. Kane also suffers from anxiety and worries at school.

Kane attends our Young Carer club which he says is a great place for him to meet with others who understand his caring role and accept him for who he is. He joins in all the activities and clearly benefits from the club.

Kane and his mum have also been working on ways to reduce his anxiety and relax his mind. They discovered he loves photography and notices things that others may not notice. His mum says this is a super power of having anxiety. With his eye condition, Kane has to concentrate hard when taking pictures to stay in focus and overcome hand/eye coordination issues.

We are pleased to share Kane’s Facebook page, “Within my Eyes”. Please check it out and help to increase Kane’s confidence with every “like” he receives.


  Click on the icon to visit Kane's page, "Within my Eyes".


“Nothing in my moving eyes is impossible now, and I use this to my advantage, the more I have to concentrate the more i see the beauty and detail around me. Please like and follow my page and follow me on my photography journey.”  Kane, aged 10

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