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Colin Bennett - Trustee

After graduating with a BSc in Sociology and a Masters in Management Science, I started my career in the shipbuilding industry working in industrial relations. I subsequently held senior management positions in a major international telecommunications and business equipment company, including 8 years based in Paris.

I took early retirement in 2005, and decided to seek voluntary work in areas where my business experience could perhaps help. As a result I became a governor of a local primary school, and a trustee of what was then known as Maldon Carers. I retain contact with my former employer by serving as Chair of its UK pension scheme.

I first became aware of the need for a support mechanism for unpaid family carers as my father-in-law struggled without outside help to care for my mother-in -law, who had an aggressive form of Parkinsons Disease. At that time there was no comparable support such as AFFC in the area of the country where they lived, and so his own health suffered as he tried to cope. This was my spur to offer to help with our charity.

During the past 14 years since being appointed, I have served in a number of support roles-HR, fundraising, Vice Chair. I currently support the CEO with infrastructure issues.

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