The work we do at Action for Family Carers is funded in a variety of different ways. Our projects are funded through a variety of Grants and Trusts.

We are passionate about giving greater opportunities to Carers and raising funds through donations and by fundraising by allows us to do this.

Each contribution no matter how big or small will make a difference to the Charity and what we can do to make a positive impact in the lives of unpaid Carers.

We ask Carers what makes the most impact to them and your gift means that we have funds that can be used for those activities and for those services which are not always funded or provided for via grants. We will always do our best to respect our donor's wishes.

Our Charity is a not for profit organistaion and therefor your gift is to be used and/or invested for the benifit of unpaid Carers.

We recognise and thank each and every donor for their gift to Action for Family Carers.

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Recent Fundraising Events

Action for Family Carers Fundraising Event

Recent fundraising activity has included a team of staff completing the 3 lakes kayak challenge

On Saturday 23rd September a team of 11 Action for Family Carers staff and their partners successfully completed the Three Lakes Challenge fundraising event. 

kayak-challenge.jpg They travelled to the Lake District on the Friday and were up at 4.45 am on Saturday to be on the water at first light.  Ahead of the team was the prospect of kayaking 35 km along the three largest lakes in the Lake District within 12 hours. 

The team reached Coniston at 7.00 am.  This was a mere 7km, then, after a very quick snack and a short drive, they undertook the longest lake, Windermere, 17 km.  The last lake was Ullswater, 11 km, and by 5.00 pm the Challenge was completed. 

Not only did the team paddle for 35km, they also had to load the kayaks on and off the road trailers at every stage.  By the end of the Challenge they felt very heavy indeed.  The Challenge was daunting but everyone completed it with big smiles on their faces.

The money raised by the team will go to Action for Family Carers and other charities nominated by the participants. 

The group picture shows (L-R) Lisa Harris, Luke Harris, Caroline Tichborne, Nick Daws, Kevin Carter, Sharon Williams, Jayne Hare, Fiona Craik, Kim Smith, Nichola Faiers and Jenny Goodson

You can still donate to Action for Family Carers by going to our My Donate page for this event. Please give generously.

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