Case Study – Carol

Sep 14, 2023Case Study, General

‘It’s my only break in the week when he attends the group’

Carol is 88 years of age and a full time Carer for her husband Sid and they have been married for 67 years. Sid was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 5 years ago.

Sid has been attending the Epping Activity Group for a few years and Carol says that on these days ‘he is really bright, stimulated and comes out very happy’. He benefits from both the physical and mental activities and she says the ‘staff and volunteers are so wonderful’.

Carol gets a day to herself, the only day in the week where she can meet friends and visit her great grandchildren. She would love Sid to attend more days but cannot afford to do this. She pays for somebody to come into the house for a few hours each morning to help with cleaning and washing.

Sid recently had to go into temporary care and unfortunately had a fall. It was a traumatic experience for them both. Carol had a heart scare and was in hospital for a few days.

She says a small prayer every night ‘thank you that I have the strength to care and look after him’.

The Activity Group makes a real difference to Carol. She says ‘she wouldn’t be without it’.

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